Survey on long term digital preservation networks

Invitation to fill in the questionnaire "Survey on long term digital preservation networks"

What is the purpose of this survey?

During the last years several communities and networks for digital preservation have evolved all over the whole world. While some cover all aspects of digital preservation, others focus on particular aspects of digital preservation. That’s why members of nestor – the German Network of Expertise in Digital Preservation decided to organize a survey covering communities and networks which focus on digital preservation.

Data about the communities collected during the survey will be published in Open Access (excluding personal information such as the name and e-mail). We hope that the survey’s outcome will increase visibility and transparency of digital preservation communities around the world. The gathered data will allow to answer questions such as which community is occupied with certain aspects of digital preservation in specific regions of the world. As knowledge about the structure and the topics of single communities will increase, there is also the chance that the information the survey provides will contribute to reducing redundancies and lead to more efficiency in digital preservation activities worldwide.

The results of the survey will be published in Open Access and the authors intend to present the outcome at relevant conferences.
Personal data which are gathered in the questionnaire will be used only for the administration of the survey, will be processed by the institutions that designed the survey and will not be distributed to third parties. Neither will they be published. The data relating to institutions will be published in open access. Communities who do not want their data to be published in open access may chose an option that makes it possible to process the data anonymously for analysis of the data and publications.

Apart from the publication of the data in open access (if allowed), there will be publications and presentations in which the results of the survey will be aggregated and analyzed. These publications will be published in open access.

Who conducts this survey

The survey will be conducted by the following institutions. These links lead to information and contact data of the organizational units of these institutions which are responsible for privacy protection. You will be informed about your rights according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is a German law regulating privacy protection in Germany.

ZBW lead manages the survey. The survey will be conducted with the online-service Mailingwork and its privacy protection policy is to be found here:

Which data will be published?

If you have given us permission, all data relating to the institution will be published. As an alternative you can choose the option which allows only anonymous use and analysis of these data and anonymous publication. The names of the contact persons and their e-mail address that we ask for at the end of the survey will not be published.

How long will these data be stored and published?

The data concerning the institutions will remain permanently in open access. The anonymized data will be permanently used for the above mentioned purposes. The data relating to persons will be deleted after five years or in case of updates which render the data no longer valid.

Which rights do the institutions and persons have?

Institutions and persons, whose data will be stored, have the right to get information which data are stored with us and to have data corrected or deleted.

Which data will be asked during the survey?

This link takes you to a preview of the questions that we will ask:

Agreement concerning privacy protection

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